Optimistic Elephant LLC

Repair Policy

If your jewelry breaks within six (6) months after purchase, we will repair the item at no cost to you, subject to the conditions provided below. 


To initiate a repair, please email us at Emily@optimisticelephant.com or fill out the form below and include the following information:


  • Your order number;

  • A photograph of the broken item; and

  • A description of what happened (to help us prevent it from happening again, if applicable).

Upon review of your email and approval of the repair, we will mail to you a return shipping label and return envelope or box so that you are able to return the broken item to us at no cost. We strive to repair and return jewelry within fourteen (14) days after receipt of the broken item; however, we cannot guarantee a return date. 


We reserve the right to (i) request more information from you if we have questions about the circumstances of the breakage and/or (ii) deny any repair request for damage that we determine to be intentional or to be made in bad faith.