Kasey began her journey as a yoga teacher with ShambhavAnanda Yoga™ and is still guided today by her teachers in this lineage.  She teaches intuitively from the heart to offer practical and profound classes that incorporate meditation and asana.  She has seen firsthand the power of yoga to heal and give hope.  She has used it as a vehicle to work through grief and anxiety.  Ultimately, she believes yoga is life changing for everyone who wants to give it a try.  In addition to her practice with ShambhavAnanda Yoga™, she also has studied with Ashley Turner and Love Your Brain, yoga for traumatic brain injuries. 



Emily recently completed her 200-hour ShambhavAnanda Yoga teacher training through the Living Yoga Kansas school.  Prior to joining Optimistic Elephant, Emily practiced estate planning law with a local Wichita law firm until ultimately leaving the legal world to stay home with her daughters. Emily began working with Kasey in 2019 to learn the art of making malas and to explore other career paths.  What began as two friends working together on a part-time basis quickly evolved into a full-time partnership. It was during this time that Emily began to experience firsthand the benefits of yoga, mindfulness, and meditation for physical and mental wellbeing, and she is grateful for the opportunity to work in this field and inspire wellness in the community.